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Twisted Songs and Audio


Rehab New

My Cubicle

Kitten Song

Born To Be MIld

Addicted To (Cigarette) Butts

As Beers Go By

Killing Me Slowly

Pubic Hair


The Pussycat Song

Todays The Day

Pick My Nose Again

Star Wars Cantina

Waltz Of The Buttcrackers

Dance Of The Plumber Fairy

Thong March

I Wish

I Want My MP3


You're Pitifull (dedicated to DB)

Media Killed a Royalty Star



Leader of Iraq

Polonium 209

When A Man Loves A Chicken

What If Eminem Did Jingle Bells?


Stole My Car

Horse with Hussein

Dear Penis


Back Door Cowboy (Rhinestone Cowboy)

Walking Round in Womens Underwear


Baby Poo

Can't Afford To Drive My Car

Don't Let The Son Go Down On Me

Menstrual Rag

Are You Drinking Tonight

Drug Song

I Will Always Love Food

50 Bucks To Buy A Coffee

The Yogi Bear song

The Bricklayers song

A Very Clean Song


Oop's I Farted again




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