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Radio Humberside Live Show

The show was broadcast live from the Station Buffet on 17th May 2005 from 6:30am - 9:00am Live.

The show was produced by Chris Arundel and covered all aspects of the daily news from around the region. Live interviews were conducted at the Buffet covering issues relevant to Bridlington including regeneration, rail travel and of course not to forget the Marina. People dropped in to see the presenters working live on air.

It was the first of six planned outside broadcasts from around the region between now and October 2005 and if this was anything to go by the others will be first class shows covering relevant issues and places of interest within the Humberside Radio region. Radio Humberside broadcasts on FM 95.9

The Radio Car is set up outside Bridlington Station

The Radio Car is set up outside Bridlington Station ready for the Broadcast, notice the time it was an earlier start than usual for the buffet staff, but they enjoyed it

On the air live from the buffet

From L to R Kate Murphy (engineer) Lara King and Andy Comfort get of to a flying start. How they manage to keep from laughing with all the banter between the team is a wonder.

Amanda Thomson

Amanda Thomson (presenter) who went off for a 'paddle' but said she was going to interview people on the streets of Bridlington.

The whole event was organised by Chris Arundel the local reporter for Radio Humberside.



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