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Pendolino Races Into The Record Books

Penny the Pendolino (390022) raced int the record books by been the first of the 52 strong fleet to clock up 1 million miles. The event happened on the 17.15 servce from London Euston to Glasgow Central on the 8th January 2008, just suth of Bletchley. The huge milage is equivelent of traveling twice to the moon and back.

The distance trevelled by the Pendlino equals:

556,815,332 revlutions of each wheel
Two return trips to the moon
Travelling 40 times round the Earth
145 trips between London and New York


During its million miles Penny the Pendolino has:

Used 5,830,875 litres of water
Had 78 wiper blades fitted
Had 1,840 brake pads fitted
Put 5,130MWh of energy back into the National Grid (equivalent to powering 1,300 homes for a year)

Passengers traveling on Penny have consummed more than:

700,000 cups of tea
63,000 cans of Virgin Cola
72,000 sausages
67,500 rashers of bacon
216,000 slices of toast
90,000 sandwiches



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