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Northern Rail

Northerns new livery

Close up of the Northern Logo

Northern Rails new livery, this was the first new livery train to use Bridlington. It was the 10-12 to Hull, on the 12/22/2004

Northern Rail took over the franchise in December 2004, it is the largest franchise in the railway industry. All franchises have to work within a frame work set out by the government. After a 'shakey' start they soon got into a routine and the service offered is one of if not the best in the country. Investing a lot of time and money into staff and rolling stock they have seen good results.

Northern operate the largest network of local rail services across Yorkshire and the North of England and travelling by train to take advantage of these super savings couldn’t be easier.

Cheap Day Returns are available after 9.30am, Monday to Friday and anytime during weekends and Bank Holidays. PlusBus tickets are also available for travel to selected venues, combining rail and bus travel into one easy to use ticket.

Children under 16 travel for half fare and children under 5 go free at all times and there are generous discounts available to Senior, Family, Young Person and Disabled Person Railcard holders.


October 2006

If two people travel, one goes at 50% of the normal price. Further details from your local Northern Station or from the conductor on the train.



Explained Chris Kimberley, Northern’s Commercial Director: "The scheme operates on two levels, with level one introducing local contacts who can monitor standards and service quality at stations, whilst level two sees dedicated individuals or community organisations such as parish councils and schools taking a physical hands on approach."

And in Northern’s catchment area – which covers the North West, North East, Yorkshire and Humberside, volunteers have already been making an impact at stations including Handforth, Levenshulme near Manchester and Bare Lane near Morecambe.

Added Chris: "The local community have already been incredibly supportive in areas such as Levenshulme, where they have enhanced the station with artwork, whilst at Bare Lane, volunteers have brightened the station with some excellent floral work."

Now Northern is looking to fly the flag, launching it’s own Adopt a Station programme and inviting passengers and the general public to play a direct role in supporting their local stations.

"We would be delighted to hear from anyone who has a keen interest in supporting their local station and working with us to enhance the station environment for the benefit of all concerned," said Chris.

If you would like to take part in the Adopt a Station scheme, please write to Northern’s Customer Relations team at Northern Rail Limited, PO Box 208, Leeds, LS1 2BU.



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