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Jesus Visits Station Buffet

An Irish man, an Australian man and a Scouser all in the Station Buffet.

Just as they were all enjoying their beers, the scouser looks up and says to the others "damn, thats jesus!".

So with that they all buy jesus a drink. The Irish man buys him a guinness, the Australian buys him a fosters, and the scouser buys him a bitter.

After Jesus drinks all his beers he goes to the group to shake their hands.

He shakes the Irish man's hand and with that gives off a yell of relief, "Hell jesus, that bad back i've had all my life has just gone". He shakes the Australian man's hand and he also gives off a yell, "That Arthritis i've had for 20 years has just disappeared!".

Jesus goes to shake the Scousers who says, "Fuck off, i'm on disability".


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