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Station Buffet Floral display 2007

The tradition of planting flowers at railway stations goes back to the beginning of the railway every station had a greenhouse and willing hands to do the work. When railways were privatised the practice faded away.

The floral display at Bridlington Station and Station Buffet consists of over 4,300 plants in various containers including old tin baths and old railway items, plus a scarecrow.

Taking over 4 hours per day watering, using rainwater (rarely rains in Bridlington, except this year) whenever possible to do our bit for the planet and environment.

All the plants are composted at the end of the season.

This year we received Gold in 'Bridlington In Bloom' in the category of Business Premises, and also featured in Bridlington's entry in 'Britian in Bloom'. Although this year the flowers have not done aswell due to the fact that July was a really bad month with very little sunshine, but a lot of wind and rain.

Bar Entrance

Bar Window

Bar Door


Cafe Window

Cafe Entrance

It is only right that credit is given to Madeline, who started the flower display at the Station Buffet over 21 years ago. It started with two tubs and over the years expanded to what it is today. She became known as the " lady who does the flowers". People come to the station to just sit and look at the flowers, and it has become one of the most photographed stations in the country, with a lot of people saying it is the best kept station.


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