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Facts of Life

Always marry a woman with small palms. It makes your dick look bigger!

I believe in safe sex...I've got a handrail around the bed.

Life without Friends is like Boobs without Nipples...  POINTLESS !

The importance of UNITY explained at it's best: What  did one leg of a woman tell the other: UNITED we are saved, Divided we are Fucked.

Old Proverb: A smile is a curve that makes everything straight.
New Proverb: Boobs are curves that make something super straight...!
Fuck a girl & she'll love you... Love a girl &  she'll fuck you!

All those who proclaim that dog is man's best friend,  have evidently  not played with a pussy.

The irony of a blow job is that even if you have her at your feet she's got you by the balls.


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