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Rawtenstall Excursion June 2004

On the 26th June 2004 Bridlington was 'invaded' by 500 Lancastrians, but they were friendly and enjoyed the day out. Passengers of all ages had a 3 hour stay in the town. Weather was not to good but it didn't dampen their spirits.

Davis Isherwood who organised to special checks it is OK for its return journey

The trip was organised by David Isherwood..........taking up a lot of time and effort by him, it was well conducted with the whole event been a great success.
David and people like him do more good for rail travel than any rail company or goverment body. The rail companies run very few if any excursions and they always prove popular.

The Special comming past Bridlington South Signalbox

The passengers fill the concourse ready for a trip into town

The special leaves for home via Scarborough




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