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Customers passing through the Station Buffet

EWS Crew
The Crew of EWS 66164 enjoy a cuppa!! 22/01/2009

Crew of EWS 6611 enjoy a break
The Crew of EWS 66111 enjoy a cuppa!! 16/01/2009

Alan & Marilyn

Alan and Marilyn Calderley from Wakefield enjoy a drink (or two) amongst the flowers

Catherine Tate
Is this Catherine Tate paying a visits?
Date of visit 26th November 2006

Ian and Howard
Ian McCloud and Howard Carter called in on their way back to Scarborough after visiting
the World Darts Championship - 14th October 2006

Hayley Brooks
Hayley Brooks who is researching Bridlington Station for a College Project
Date of visit 16 May 2006

Michael & Tracy Shaw
Michael and Tracy Shaw (allegedly the East Coasts Biggest Drinkers)
Date of visit 15 May 2005

Lisa Bentley
Lisa a teacher at Hull who is a choco-holic
Date of visit 05/05/05

This is Missy who would win THE POLITEST GIRL IN

Missy and family
Missy and family

Rodney Wolfe with David Lawrence
On the left is Rodney Wolfe from Ashford Kent along with David Lawrence
from Grantham, they came to sample the real ale.

Don't mention the war
Jenny and friend have landed !!!!

A Lady Mrs Shokrollahi
A very special lady.

Train Crew
From L to R Guard R Broughton, Driver P Kirk and Drivers Assistant J Fletcher.
They were the crew on the Engineers Special on 9th March 2005.
Fletch is looking amazed because he has just realised it's his TURN TO PAY!!!!

Frances who visits most days, always cheerful and friendly.

Jackie from Beverley
This is Jackie from Beverley, she is responsible for keeping the 'Lost Property'
department of Northern Rail open, she is renowned for leaving things.
visit date: 12/22/2004
She actually left the gloves that are on the table, returned to her later the same day.

A friendly couple
A couple who called in whilst passing through the Station, they took plenty of photo's
and enjoyed their brief stay.Please email your names if you read this!!
Date of visit: 12/21/2004

Smiling Face first thing on a morning
Jean Baker a regular every morning on her way to work. Jean always has a smile on her face.
We will miss you coming in everyday now you no longer work in Driffield I'm sure Driffield
will miss you as well, look after yourself and all the best from all at the Buffet.
Date of visit: everyday picture taken 12/23/2004

Nice dog
A very nice dog that doesn't bite, not sure about it's two friends
that come in with him.

This is 'Jonesey' doing what he does best (besides upholstery) eating.
Date of this visit 19/03/05

Polish Visitors
Three visitors passing through from Poland
Date of visit 20/03/05

The Laughing cavaliers
Three girls passing through taking lots of photos
Date of visit 21/03/05

Flower powered hippy
This OAP is from San Francisco and usually wears flowers in her hair
Date of visit 21/03/05

Paul from Camra Hull Branch
Paul Alterskye from Hull a member of CAMRA enjoys a pint of
Suddabys After Dark Coffee Porter.
Date of visit 21/03/05


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