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Chernobyl children visit Bridlington Station

On the 3rd July 2006 a party of children from Chernobyl visited Bridlington Station as guest of Northern Rail. As you are aware Chernobyl on 25th - 26th April 1986 was the site of the worlds worst nuclear accident to date. Situated in the former USSR.

The children have a photo call

The children that visited Bridlington are brought over at no expense to themselves, and the respite they receive while here can add years to their lives. They were staying in the Driffield area. After the visit to Bridlington they left for a ice-skating session at Hull.

The children eat their lollies

I can honestly say that these children touched the hearts of everbody who was involved that day at the station, including Northern Rail staff, Station Buffet Staff and customers.

So well behaved

They came in on platform four from Driffield and 22 children with two adults walked over the footbridge and on to the concourse all happy and smiling.
They were each given an ice lolly as it was a nice summers day, 22 children said thank-you sat on seats ate their ice lolly, not one bit of rubbish or lolly stick was thrown on the floor.
There was no shouting or running about they have got to be the best behaved group of children ever to visit this station. Each child received a 'goodie bag' with various gifts in, the look on their faces was amazing and can not be put into words.

The careers have a 'cuppa'

Northern Rail are trying to fund another trip from the Ukraine for even more children next year (2007) we will keep you posted.

The children get ready to leave to go ice-skating in Hull


On April 26th, 1986 there was an explosion at a nuclear power plant at Chernobyl, on the border between Ukraine and Belarus. Many tons of radioactive materials were thrown into the air. Some of these were carried around the world, but 70 per cent of the radioactive substances blew north over the population of Belarus. A quarter of the country's best farmlands and forests have been poisoned for hundreds of years by caesium 137 and strontium 90. Where there is plutonium the land will be uninhabitable for ever. Hundreds of towns and villages were evacuated, and the entire country has been declared a zone of international ecological disaster. In southern Belarus thyroid cancer in children has increased by more than 100 times, due to the large amounts of radioactive iodine they have ingested, and there have been rises in many other types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, ailments of the digestive system and birth defects



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