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Photographs of Bridlington Railway

Overhead gantry signal on the approach south of Bridlinton
Platform 4 and 5 looking north
62936 leaving Bridlington towards Hull date unknown.
One of the busier days, with seven trains all in at the same time. Circa 1960's
Arriving past the Bridlington South signal box. Front loco 62039. Circa 1960's.
Leaving Bridlington towards Hull. Front loco 61478. Circa 1960's.
Picture taken from Bessingby Road bridge. Front loco 62662. Circa 1960's.
A picture of the water tower at the end of platform 2. Front loco 61018. Circa 1960's.
Arriving at Bridlington. Two loco's pulling a excursion at a guess? Front loco 61857 Circa 1960's.
Heading north towards Scarborough from platform 4. Front loco 42855. Circa 1960's.
Leaving Bridlington heading south
61329 and 61087 steamed and ready for service.
Heading into Bridlington for a day at the sea-side....
Pulling out of the goods yard after unloading its load.
61472 shunting into the goods yard, in the background is a trailer for a Scammel Scarab.



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