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Members of the Y.C.C.R.P. Management Commitee along with the Rail Development Officer for the YCCRP and members of the BCRP where invited as guests of Northern Rail to attend the 'Community Rail Awards Dinner' held at LOCOMOTION Collections Building at Shildon.

As a group we had entered various projects for awards and where shortlisted in three catagories:

Best Marketing Community Rail

Best station buffet/railway pub

Best station garden/floral display

Original scales from the Parcel Office just visible under the floral display

The results were as follows:

Best Station Buffet - The winner - Under the Clock No 2, Cleethorpes Station - BCRP

Best Marketing - Second place - Community Rail - Community Rail Humber

Best Station Garden/Floral Display - Third place - Station Buffet, Bridlington

The entrance to the bar is there somewhere

Bridlington in Bloom 2006

The Station Buffet was awarded a "'Special Award' for the floral enhancement of Bridlington Railway Station".

The award was presented at a presentation held on the 28th September 2006 at the Expanse Hotel.

Part of the 2006 floral display

Awards gained 2005

Yorkshire in Bloom - Yorkshire Rose Commercial Award

Bridlington in Bloom - Gold Award in Colourful Licensed Premises, Restaurant and Cafe section

Bridlington in Bloom - Chairman's Award of Merit

Y.C.C.R.P. - Good Mark of the Month

Part of the 2005 floral display

Awards gained 2004

Bridlington in Bloom - Special Chairmans Award

Part of the 2004 floral display

It is only right that credit is given to Madeline, who started the flower display at the Station Buffet over 21 years ago. It started with two tubs and over the years expanded to what it is today. She became known as the " lady who does the flowers". People come to the station to just sit and look at the flowers, and it has become one of the most photographed stations in the country, with a lot of people saying it is the best kept station.


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